Larry The Cable Guy: Remain Seated


Larry the Cable Guy is back to Git R Done. Remain seated, because his latest solo special will show you why this Grammy nominated, multi-platinum recording artist, and Billboard award winner is at the top of his game. Coming to you straight from the Rialto Square Theater in Joliet, IL to your seat at home!
So my brother told me, last Thursday, she called home to let him know that that day had been “prostate check day”. It gets better. There are 60 people in her class. They all checked the same guy. That’s why I need your help. This guy is rolled in a ball right here. And the guy told him. He said, he had been doing this for 40 years. And that over the last forty years he had his prostate checked thousands and thousands of times. I’m thinkin’, “You’re not doing this for the money, are you?” And here’s the deal. I don’t feel bad for him. He signed up for it. - Larry the Cable Guy - Remain Seated
Day number one, no more picking up dog poop. It’s embarrassing. We are the top of the food chain. No other animal picks up another animal’s poop. Monkeys pick up their own and throw it but they’re kind of the comedians of the animal world. - Larry the Cable Guy - Remain Seated



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